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Vernier Data Collection: Inspiring Gifted Students

Lab activities are a great way to inspire gifted students.  The Go!Temp USB temperature sensor ($39) and the Go!Motion USB motion sensor ($119) from Vernier are two inexpensive sensors that can connect directly to the USB port of a PC or Chromebook.  Teachers can download Logger Lite, Vernier’s data analysis software, for free on either the teacher’s computer or on computers that students will be using.  Using this software gifted students can enhance their understanding of technology, the scientific method, use mathematics to analyze data, and express their learning by writing.  Labs can also be a way to let gifted students see how to use skills they are learning.

Vernier provides lab books with student handouts and teacher instructions as well.  Each sensor has an online page featuring lab previews.  Elementary school teachers can find labs using the temperature and motion sensor in Elementary Science With Vernier.  Middle school and high school teachers can find lab books using the links below.

Go!Temp Labs

Go!Motion Labs